Inspired by the pursuit of evocative songwriting and a deep love of nature, Michael & the Myriad ties a blend of indie folk and alternative rock to capture the vivid imagery of a helpless wanderer, and the emotional torrents of a young man exploring a brave new world. Led by Wisconsin native Michael Wadina, The Myriad made their beginnings in Nashville, TN as a five piece band, performing Michael’s debut songwriting project, “Where I’m Going.” 


This initial collection was drafted as a solo endeavor in the summer of 2016, sketching an initial idea for a sound without yet having a band. The release brought that possibility to fruition, calling upon some close friends, talented songwriters and roommates to stand alongside him as a performer. Playing acoustic guitar was Matthew Byers, who also grew up in Stevens Point, WI, and on rhythm was Chris O’Brien, from Beverly, MA, who both worked as active producers of Where I’m Going. Soon thereafter, Michael rallied lead guitarist Cameron Theobald from Holly Springs, NC, and Nashville native drummer Jeff Meloen to officially create the 5-piece group, Michael & the Myriad.

After a busy winter and spring of performances, new opportunities began to present themselves as fresh graduates from Belmont University. Jeff Meloen was brought on as Chase Bryant’s drummer for Brad Paisley’s Weekend Warrior Tour, and other Myriad members were taking on full time positions in their respective industries. Taking time to travel and ponder over the next steps, Michael spent his time writing and reflecting on numerous personal challenges and triumphs that would inspire new ideas and music. The outcome brought clarity, and has since showed sincere promise for the future. Pianist Lindsey O’Halloran from Sioux City, IA and drummer Nick Ceborello from Chapel Hill, TN were quickly brought on in the fall and winter of 2017 to re-establish the group, and re-imagine their sound as a 6-piece band.

The Myriad emits a unique alternative-folk ambiance, elegant guitar riffs, and catchy vocal melodies that gathered attention from local radio stations, venues, and soon-to-be fans. Playing in a variety of capacities, full band shows lock you aboard a locomotive of alternative folk and rock, ushering you through a sandy desert, or washing you across an ocean of sunlight. Acoustic sets taking you through a lush world of snow and aspen, or carry you high above the clouds and into the sun. The Myriad has refocused, and are working on their most ambitious project to date — a full-length studio album titled, “Find the Sea.”


Live Photographer: Randolph Infinger

Show: The Cobra, Nashville, TN